It’s difficult to make a FAQ page when no one has asked you a question yet, so I thought I would ask my husband Todd to interview me and come up with a few questions that he thinks people would like to know…

TODD: Why do you want to start a blog?

ME: Good question! It’s not like there aren’t already a zillion and five blogs out there already, floating around in cyberspace and competing for attention. I guess I just need a creative outlet for thoughts and ideas or I don’t feel like myself. The same way that you wouldn’t feel like yourself if you didn’t have a musical outlet- creative projects make me sane (especially while you are on the road), so a blog seemed like a good idea.

TODD: Do you play music?

ME: Mmmmm, yeeeesssss, sort of. I love singing (especially with you), but as far as instruments go, I played the piano growing up, but was never very good. One piano teacher told me to be quiet and listen carefully so I could hear the sound of my parent’s money being flushed down the toilet. THAT was NOT a style that motivated me, so I did even worse after that comment. Good thing I have you to accompany me!

TODD: Why did you name your cat Charlie if she’s a girl?charlie

ME: Because Charlie is a fantastic name for boy or girl! Think of all the great Charlies out there: Charlie from “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia,” British Charlie from the “Charlie bit me!” video, Charlie and his delicious chocolate factory, I could go on and on. There is also a ladies perfume called “Charlie” from the 1970’s, so I think that convinced me that it was ok for a girl…

TODD: Do any of your shoes makes you taller than me?

ME: What a weird question! Um, no, because you are five inches taller than me, so I may have some that make us equal, but not taller.

TODD: Where do you get your project ideas from?

ME: I think in my case, necessity is the mother of invention a lot of the time. I may not be feeling very creative at all, and then a need or opportunity arises and my brain just freaks out and overloads on possibilities. I thought our new house was going to send me to the looney bin- too many design ideas to handle at once! I also like when ideas start small and grow. I designed our whole living room theme around one pillow I loved! I find that sort of thing happens a lot.

TODD: What blogs do you read?

ME: Right now, my favorites are: A Beautiful Mess, Sucré Diaries, Deer Diary, That’s What SHE Said, Sincerely, Kinsey, Skunkboy, Pugley Pixel, Fancytreehouse, I Spy DIY, Oh Happy Day, and Kelli Murray. Good stuff. For reals. And of course I love to read YOUR blog too! Especially when you mention me…

TODD: How long does it normally take you to get ready for your day?

ME: HA HA!! Another weird one! If I’m up early, usually only twenty minutes because I would SO much rather have the sleep. If it’s a date at night, I’ll take longer because I’m much more awake and I like that kind of getting ready. Turn up some tunes and dance along while we get dressed!

TODD: What’s your favorite thing to do with me?

ME: Can I say everything? Ok, ok…I think I like best when you are home (duh!) and those first few days after the end of a tour when we are sitting on the couch with Charlie, watching our favorite shows, and stuffing our faces with junk food. But it’s also great to visit you in cool cities and explore the town together. That’s pretty sweet too.

TODD: If you could only watch 3 tv shows for the rest of your life, what would you choose?

ME: Man, that’s a tough one. Arrested Development for laughs, Project Runway for creativity/fashion, and Downton Abbey because I’m OBSESSED (and only human).